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John Woodruff

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John Woodruff
John Woodruff

In 2013, retired Pennsylvania State Police Officer John Woodruff opened Woodruff Investigative Services, bringing his twenty-five years of experience as a trooper and intelligence officer to the world of private investigation. With dogged determination, John finds what needs to be found and asks what needs to be asked in order to help his clients. From background checks to personal security, from tracking down witnesses to verifying documents, Woodruff Investigative Services, Etc. does the legwork and gets results.

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John Woodruff performing surveillance

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Criminal Investigations

John will use his years of experience to provide a subjective view of criminal activity.

  • Conducting interviews of witnesses or suspects.
  • Providing Attorneys with additional information regarding criminal activity.


While serving as the Troop Intelligence Officer, John performed hours of surveillance in all types of scenarios. Some reasons for surveillance could include:

  • Assessing the reliability of a person, employee or business
  • Locating an individual
  • Determining a person's or business' network and/or associates
  • Intelligence
  • Litigation support
  • Exposing fraud


Woodruff Investigative Services can perform scene surveys in digital video or still imaging. Some reasons for scene surveys could include:

  • Accidents
  • Worker's compensation claims

Personal Security

  • John has worked closely with the Secret Service and other federal agencies to provide security at sporting events like the MLB All-Star game and US Open; and dignitary protection for presidential and vice-presidential visits, as well as for the Dalai Lama and other heads of state.

Background Checks

Woodruff Investigative Services will perform background checks to assess confidence in an individual.

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